Health Matters


Health Matters 

First Tuesday

6:00 – 7:00 pm

Health Matters is our show that explores health issues important to everyone.   Each show covers a topic of interest and importance.  We will tell you what’s real and what’s not in the world of health and medicine.  And best of all, you have an opportunity to call in and talk with Dr. B.  Ask him questions, call to agree with him, or call to disagree.  Our format allows us the flexability to discuss what you want to know about, when you want to know.

“ Being Pro-Active in Your Health”

Dr. Bill Blanchet

Dr. Bill Blanchet  currenlty has an  internal medicine practice in Boulder.  His practice is devoted to early detection and prevention of disease.  Dr. B is a nationally known speaker on heart disease and has appeared on many national radio and television programs.  Along with his practice, Dr. B is also the Medical Director at Front Range Preventive Imaging, also in Boulder.

Dr. Blanchet is a regular guest on the show with host Lindsay Woods, airing the first Tuesday of each month.

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