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 “Change Your Coffee, Change Your Life”

Host Lindsay Woods with Stephanie DeWayne

Please listen to this 10 minute excerpt from “HCG and Ganoderma.  This healthy coffee has been around for thousands of years and boasts many, and some rather remarkable, benefits.  For more information, please visit our Additional Resources page.


The HCG Diet

Host: Lindsay Woods with Stephanie DeWayne


 Two of the biggest and hottest topics in the Health and Wellness industry today are the HCG diet and Ganoderma. Thousands of people across the nation are loosing weight. Some of them are maintaining their weight loss. How does this work? Why all the attention? Is there a synergy between HCG and Ganoderma? This 2 part series is a must for anyone concerned with their own health and well being. Join Lindsay and Stephanie, a health and wellness counselor, as they discuss this first part of this series, ” Weight Loss and Maintaining it with HCG and Ganoderma”.


“Mammograms – What the Radiologists aren’t telling you”

Host Lindsay Woods with Dr. Bill Blanchet

(4 minute excerpt from “Women and Heart Disease”)

Please listen to this 4 minute excerpt from Dr. Blanchet and Lindsay’s program on “Myths and Truths About Women and Heart Disease”.  Mammograms show the presence of calcium in the breast arteries.  This correlates directly with calcium in coronary arteries.  YET, radiologists do not mention this in their mammography reports.  This critical information is routinely withheld from women.  It could be, in part, why 8 times more women are dying from heart disease than breast cancer.



“Women and Heart Disease: Myths and Truths”

Host Lindsay Woods with Dr. Bill Blanchet

For the majority of women with heart disease, their first symptom is a fatal attack.  There have been great strides made in the detection of breast cancer but not in women’s heart disease.  Dr. Blanchet and Lindsay discuss some reasons why. Hear Dr. Blanchet reveal a shocking truth about mammograms that will change the way you view this screening procedure.


“Virtual Colonoscopy: The Newest Option in Colon Cancer Screening”  

Host Lindsay Woods with Dr. Bill Blanchet

If you are one of the many people who know they should have a colonoscopy, but have been putting it off, then this is the show for you.  There is an easier way. Listen to Dr. Blanchet and  Lindsay talk about the many benefits of this new option which is now covered by all private insurance companies.


Old School- New School: Surviving The Education Revolution”

Host Lindsay Woods with Dr. Michael Daine.

 If you are returning to school after 5 or more years, get ready for a culture shock.  You’ve missed the revolution that has changed the face of higher education.  Today learning is about ebooks, chat rooms, blogs, and internet cafes.  It’s moved from a 1-3 three hour class to  a 24/7 electronic classroom.  The pace is faster and the demands are higher.   Dr. Daine gives tips and survival strategies to today’s adult student about how to manage the techno-jungle of higher education.  (8.10.10)


“Adult Life Transition”

Host Lindsay Woods with Dr. Michael Daine

Inherent in life are transitional periods.  These may be things such as loss of a job, loss of a spouse or a child.  It could also issues surrounding fear.  How we handle these life transitions as adults can be very different from how we handled things in our younger years.  What are some of the major issues facing adults today?  What makes up a healthy individual?  What are some of the signals that suggest that it might make it be a good time to   rethink your life? We invite you to listen in.   7.13.10


” Stopping Heart Attacks”       

Dr. Blanchet and Lindsay Woods

Join Dr. Blanchet and Lindsay as they talk about stopping heart attacks. Hear how Dr. Blanchet is one of a few physicians who had greatly changed the statistics of heart attack incidence in his practice to way above the national norm.  Hear how he finds and treats heart disease.  Using the combination of the EBT Heart Scan and Carotid artery screening to discover coronary plaque early can reverse the incidence of heart attacks.  Find out why passing a nuclear stress test is not the entire answer.  What you hear on this program might save your life or that of a loved one.   12.22.09


“The Truth About Your Cholesterol Numbers”

Dr. William Blanchet and Lindsay Woods

Just because you have “perfect” cholesterol numbers, does not necessarily mean that you are safe from heart problems.  Likewise, if you have “bad” cholesterols numbers, it might not be as bad as you think. Hear the truth about what your  cholesterols numbers really mean, what those numbers really tell you, which of the numbers you need to look at, and what you can do to change them if you have to. 12.1.09


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