Dr. Michael Daine Podcasts

 Psychological Aspects of Infertility

What comes so easy for some couples can be a very stressful, often debilitating ordeal for others. Dr. Daine and Lindsay discuss the subject of infertility and the psychological aspects associated with it. There are some things couples can do to not only manage the inherent stresses associated with infertility, but to manage the journey such that it makes the couple’s relationship even stronger. Dr. Daine shares his, and his wife’s, personal experience on this topic. Thank you for listening.


Thriving After Colon Cancer

Dr. Daine shares his personal experience as he talks about his own diagnosis of colon cancer. The physical healing process, he discovered, is completely different than the emotional healing process. How one copes with either of these processes can be opportunities for growth. They can also have the equal potential of being incapacitating. What is it like when we are forced to face our own mortality? How much can we control? What can we do? 

How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, or any day, when it comes to love, broken hearts never seem to break even. If you happen to have a broken heart, join Lindsay and Dr. Daine as they talk about love, being in love, the “7 Year Itch”, and ….. how to mend a broken heart.

Daine on Dreams 

Ever wonder about your dreams?  Do you even remember your dreams?  Did you know that you can learn to play the piano in your sleep?  Tune in when Dr. Michael Daine and Lindsay talk about sleep and dreams.

The Magic of Meditation

Dr. Michael Daine and Lindsay talk about meditation as the Adult “Time Out”. It needn’t be all involved. Just a simple practice of this age old discipline can bring many healing powers your way.